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Never Used 1982 Nintendo Donkey Kong Game & Watch (NOS)
It's hard to believe, but I reckon never before has a Game & Watch device been offered for sale in such mint condition. So mint that you can smell the minty aroma in the room the game is left in after one second.

Yes my friends, it's never been used! Opened once just for this listing.

The game up for sale is the classic Nintendo Donkey Kong Game & Watch portable game. You know the one. Krikey, if you don't then I wouldn't be telling too many people.

The game was made way back in 1982 (yes, 19-freaken-82!) and is considered by many to be the best Game & Watch game ever produced. It introduced the now ingenious D-pad (directional pad) control which is present on many controllers today.

I honestly don't want to sell it, but I must, as my wife is sick of me looking at myself in the reflection of the metal plate since there isn't a scratch on it.

The serial number on the back is 30654353 which indicates that it's so rare that it's rarity is rarer than rare.

Watch It And Be Amazed
  • Used only ONCE to test that it worked. Game is in A+++++ mint condition.
  • Serial number is: 30654353 (rarer than a mermaid in a desert)
  • NO replacement parts
  • Comes with original box which is in incredible condition.
  • Front and back casing is in superb flawless condition. No blemishes whatsoever!
  • Metal plate is spotless without any scratches or dents. Great for use as a mirror.
  • Sounds are so crisp and loud that you might need construction earmuffs when playing.
  • Controls are perfect, snappy and super responsive.
  • The battery terminal is spotless and corrosion free
  • The battery cover is perfect
  • Case clasp is unbroken and is super strong
  • Original polyfoam tray in awesome condition
  • Comes with original batteries (unopened)
  • All instructions and manual come in mint condition.
  • Battery cover stickers never used.
  • LCD is totally sharp, vibrant and very dark. No bleeding.
  • The unit comes packaged in original protective plastic bag.
  • I'll even include in the great book 'The History of Nintendo: 1980 - 1991 The Game & Watch games, an amazing invention.'
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